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Best picture for large object

Hi, I'm using SDK Professional 9.12.

Unity version I'm using is 2019.3.10f1.

I already take picture with a large object (a bus) and I have uploaded in Wikitude Studio. 

My problem is I still can get the best point clouds for the bus. 

So my question is  now how can I get the best picture for the large object (a bus) so I can get a large amount of point clouds?


could you please provide fruther details about the object? Are you referring to a bus (car) - in this case best would be to check out our 3D model based Object Tracking would be the most suitable approach:

Please have a look at this page.

Thx Nicola

Thanks for your reply.

Alright, this is the picture of my object (bus) as I mentioned before this. I've captured it in 360 around the object but still can't get the proper point cloud.


Here is included my object target after uploading it in Wikitude Studio.



As you can see, the point cloud for my object (bus) is overlapping. The left side is overlap with the right side and the back side of the bus is overlap with the front side. So there is no point cloud for the back and the right side of the bus. Why does this happen? How do overcome the problem?

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