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URL scheme "file" is not supported. Since SDK 9.9 - android SDK 30


( sorry for my english language :/ )

Firstly thank's for your work !

For next release, i have updated android SDK to version 30 and wikitude cordova plugin to version 9.9.

Since this update, I problems with asset import.

In example this


.then(function (response) {
    return response.json();
.then(function (json) {


URL scheme "file" is not supported.


For information in this case, the datas.json file is in same folder that index.html file who is load with loadARchitectWorld. i with "file:///data/user/...." path.

Same problem with "htmldrawable" , I can't load html file that is in the same folder of index.html while webview load fine index.html file.

Strange thing, when I use 'imagedrawable' with an image that use file:// path, it's work fine.

I insist that with old version of wikitude SDK all this work fine, it's really the update in android sdk 30 and wikitude 9.9 who broke this.

Thank for your help 




What was your previous android sdk version? Could you downgrade it to that version again so we can see that it is indeed a wikitude issue? If I remember properly, the sdk 30 brought some file handling changes that may be causing this issue.

In case the issue persists after downgrading the sdk version, what was your previous wikitude version?




I make this tests :

- With android SDK 29 and wikitude 8.10.1 : always work fine.

- With android SDK 29 and wikitude 9.9 : it's ok.

It's only with android SDK 30 that not work.

Hope that help you.

Thank you.



I do remember there were some changes to the way you should handle the storage in that specific android version that may be causing your issues. Please have a look at to know more about it.



Have a look at line 163 of the current in Cordova.

I think the WikitudeView has to implement those settings as well to make that work.

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