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Loading AR web view failed on Android

We use the Wikitude Cordova SDK and we are upgrading to 9.9 and experiencing an issue on Android, iOS seems to be fine, but when I load an external AR experience I am getting an Alert prompt on the view that says "Loading AR web view failed: Failed to load Architect World net:ERR_FAILED Url:   the reported URL varies on launch sometimes it's ade.js, other times it's another asset in the bundle.  Note these same AR experiences work fine on previous version of Corodova SDK. Is there something I can try or need to do with the 9.9 on Android to get our AR experiences working again?

The Cordova Android platform version is 9 and Cordova CLI version is 10.0.0

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I would look into those samples and see if you are importing some files (like ade.js/other asset) that are not existing. We did internally remove the usage of some deprecated methods from the Android Webview ( which now requires the imports to be correct.

If the issue persists, please send the console.log to check them.



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