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Image tracking object drawing

I'm trying to combine Image Tracking with Object drawing

I have the following code in my world file


 /* Create overlay for page one of the magazine. */
        var imgOneScale = 0.04;
        var imgOnePositionX = -0.52;
        var imgOnePositionY = 0.24

        this.imgOne = new AR.Model("", {
            scale: {
                x: imgOneScale,
                y: imgOneScale,
                z: imgOneScale
            translate: {
                x: imgOnePositionX,
                y: imgOnePositionY
            rotate: {
                y: 180
            enabled: false


        this.pageOne = new AR.ImageTrackable(this.tracker, "CircleRuption_Black_MagentaFont_Large", {
            drawables: {
                cam: World.drawables
            onObjectRecognized: World.hideInfoBar,
            onError: World.onError


Hi and apologies for the late reply,

Could you please elaborate a bit further and tell me what your issue is?




I was able to solve this issue.

Thank you!

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