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Recognize objects but don't rescale the world ?


We are testing Wikitude Expert Edition 9.7.1 with Unity 2020.3 on various iOS devices. In our project, we use Wikitude in conjunction with ARFoundation.

We noticed that a complete rescale of the world is operated by Wikitude when an object target is detected, based on the dimension of the point cloud set up in Wikitude Studio.

The problem is that it is really difficult to properly set up the precise dimension of a point cloud in Wikitude studio. Most of the time, it is impossible to identity elements in the point cloud, that we could consider in order to make precise measurements in the real world. We end up with virtual objects projected in AR with a size that is different from the one we enter in Unity.

Moreover ARKit and ARCore are doing a great job at projecting virtual world with the right scale, and we would like to prevent Wikitude interfering with the scaling of our scene. Is that possible ?

To sum up, we would like Wikitude to give us the transform of any target it recognizes in the coordinate system of the AR Session, without trying to change the scale of our scene.



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The Wikitude SDK should not affect ARFoundation tracking in this way. If the point cloud size does not fit with the actual size of the object, the only thing that should happen is that the augmentation will appear closer or farther away in virtual space than it should, but any other content tracked by ARFoundation (attached to a plane or anchor, for example) should stay as it was. Perhaps there's a configuration issue in the project. Can you please cross-reference the settings on the WikitudeSDK component with those in our ARFoundation sample and see if they match?

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