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Need to track a ball

Is it possible to track an object based on its shape and not based on features like colour contrast, etc? I need to (accurately) track a football with the camera staying still and the ball moving through the camera view. I tried using a ball with different colours which only worked when rotated in a very specific angle (probably due to the features extracted via the images). I added about 20 images in the wikitude studio from various angles, even turning the ball around so the bottom is seen.

I also tried using a red ball with minimal darker-red-shade designs on it (.wto created with >20 images in the studio), but that ball surprisingly doesn't get detected at all!

Any ideas?

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Hi Brolin and apologies for the late reply,

Unfortunately this is not possible since the structure, along with the size, of the object are of the most important parameters. In order to be able to recognise and track an object, you need to provide one that has as many points as possible that can be unique and recognisable. You can have a look at the documentation here that provides best practises for Object Targets.

Thank you,


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