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Only the first Image Target recognized on Android

Unity 2019.4.21f1

Wikitude SDK 9.7.1

I'm evaluating Wikitude's image tracking to replace our current library for a number of projects, but have problems detecting different images.

I'm trying to detect multiple image targets (one at a time) and while everything works as expected in Live Preview, as soon as I "Build & Run" it on my Android device, only the first image target in my wtc gets recognized.

It's not a problem of the second marker - if I create a new wtc and switch the order of the two image targets the new first image target works just fine while now, the other target is ignored.

I checked "Active" and "Extended Tracking" with both image targets. The wct is created via the Unity WTC Editor.

I'm kind of at a loss right now, so any help is appretiated.

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Ok, when using wikitude studio instead of the Unity editor to create the wtc file, everything seams to work as expected.

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