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VideoDrawable - ImageTrackable - Error While loading the video. (Media player unknown error)


I am using Wikitude SDK for Cordova v7.2.1 (licensed). The application runs on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

I have provided the code snippet which shows what happens in the application.

The camera is enabled; VideoDrawable and ImageTrackable objects are created and used. Then after an amount of time, the VideoDrawable and ImageTrackable objects are destroyed and the camera is disabled. And this goes on.

The above works fine for about 3 iterations. After that it throws an error "Error While loading the video. (Media player unknown error)"


// When the start button it pressed, start the camera and create the tracker = true;
video_overlay   = new AR.VideoDrawable("assets/video.mp4", 1, {
    enabled: true,
    scale: {
        x: 1.25,
        y: 1.25
        x: -0.05,
        y: 0.7
trackable = new AR.ImageTrackable(trackerImage, "object", {
    enabled: true,
    drawables: {
        cam: videoOverlay
    onImageRecognized: function(){
        // Play the video

// After a fixed time, the above objects are destroyed and camera is turned off = false;

// The above is repeated again and again.

Thanks for the help. If you need more information, please let me know.

Best regards,




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Good morning,

would you mind trying to upgrade you application to use the latest release of the Wikitude SDK to check whether this error still occurs? You can use a trial license for that.

- Daniel

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