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License Expired


I have been testing and working with my Wikitude-based app for the past few months. I never ran into any licensing issues because I copy/pasted my license key into the wikitudePlugin.js file.  As of mid Friday, April 5, 2019, however, the "License Expired" backdrop appears on my wikitude view.

I downloaded the latest SDK Key (Created on 2018-08-15) from  Here is my environment settings:

cordova : 8.1.2 for iOS platform: 4.5.4

xcode: 10.1 (10B61)

xcode deployment target: iOS 11

WikitudePlugin: 8.3.2

App can be built successfully from Cordova CLI and from xcode. They both exhibit the same "License Expired" issue.

If my license has expired, please reinstate it as I am a paid client.  Else, please point me in the right direction so I can solve this.



I would like to clarify that I have checked the presence of the License Key in the app in two ways:

1) After the .ipa was build, I unarchived and checked the content of its payload. In WikitudePlugin.js file this._sdkKey is assigned to the correct license key.

this._sdkKey = "i8YX........mrsNU2s=";

NOTE: the above license key for demonstration only.

2) I modified WikitudePlugin.prototype.loadARchitectWorld function call to display the license key when its called.


	WikitudePlugin.prototype.loadARchitectWorld = function(successCallback, errorCallback, architectWorldPath, requiredFeatures, startupConfiguration) {
//*** Display License Key ***
		cordova.exec(successCallback, errorCallback, "WikitudePlugin", "open", [{
			"SDKKey": this._sdkKey,
			"ARchitectWorldURL": architectWorldPath,
			"RequiredFeatures": requiredFeatures,
		    "StartupConfiguration" : startupConfiguration

		if (cordova.platformId == "android" && this.customBackButtonCallback == null) {
            cordova.exec(this.onBackButton, this.onWikitudeError, "WikitudePlugin", "setBackButtonCallback", []);

		// We add an event listener on the resume and pause event of the application life-cycle
		document.addEventListener("resume", this.onResume, false);
		document.addEventListener("pause", this.onPause, false);
		document.addEventListener("backbutton", this.onBackButton, false);

When loadARchitectWorld is called, it displays "i8YX........mrsNU2s=".

My conclusion is that the license key, as provided to me, is built into the app and is shipped with the app.

I hope this piece of information helps.




Did you request your updated license key already? I checked the system and couldn't find a key for your latest renewal. If you haven't requested, please send an email with the INV# and the package id to sales [at]

Thx and greetings


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