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how to implement the button more details how to implement onPoiDetailMoreButtonClickedFn () to call an HTML page of my application

I have this in the JS

onPoiDetailMoreButtonClicked: function onPoiDetailMoreButtonClickedFn() {

var currentMarker = World.currentMarker;

var markerSelectedJSON = {

action: "present_poi_details",


title: currentMarker.poiData.title,

description: currentMarker.poiData.description,

icon: currentMarker.poiData.icon,

web: currentMarker.poiData.web



The sendJSONObject method can be used to send data from javascript to the native code.




 an I have a local data


var myJsonData = [{

 "id": "1",

 "longitude": "-78.105176",

 "latitude": "0.377623",

 "description": "El Conquistador",

 "altitude": "3000",


 "icon": "assets/icon.png",

 "web": "index.html"


I need call to page index.html 

Good morning,

what do you mean by "calling HTML"? The sendJSONObject function is used to call into the platform's native code, meaning ObjectiveC for iOS and Java for Android.

What are you trying to achieve exactly?

- Daniel

I need that in the mode button of example of POI details, I was directed to a page .html with the information of the selected POI.

can you help me how do i do that?

please help, I need to implement the button more so that when I click on a page away from the screen this page is in the www directory and is .html format

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