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Wikitude 8.0.0 bug

Hi guys,

I'm curently experiencing bugs in prod for a few days. The architect.js file is not loaded anymore, and in place is loaded the "dumb architect.js file" which you recently put online.

I wonder if this is the cause of the bug in the plugin ... anyway it was working before this update and it is not anymore since.

This is severly affecting our clients, so i would be happy to have an answer as soon as possible on how to solve this issue.




What are the issues you're experiencing exactly? Please provide details (e.g. log output, steps to reproduce, OS version and device the issue is occuring on, if this issue is also happening with the unchanged sample app?)

Please also make sure to check the architect.js section in the documentation and the Migration notes to check if there are changes within SDK 8.0.0 which need to be considered. 

Thx and greetings


I've not tested with the sample app yet. The bug is happening on Android + IOS, on every devices we tested.

I want you to have in mind that the application was working and is not anymore, without any publication from our side.

When i inspect the architect world webview i get a lot of error logs like this one "4.f7095096.chunk.js:1 TypeError: Cannot read property 'Circle' of undefined"

Which is due to the fact the "AR" object is not set in window.

Then i looked at what was loaded by the <script src=""></script>


And i see this is the dumb file which is loaded. It looks like the injection is not working anymore


Please also provide the following details:

- Do you also have issues when testing on a device?

- We included improvements regarding the ADE handling in the latest SDK releases - is the issue resolved when you try with SDK 8.2?

Thx and greetings


- Do you also have issues when testing on a device? 

- We included improvements regarding the ADE handling in the latest SDK releases - is the issue resolved when you try with SDK 8.2?

I purshased a 8.0 license ;) Which make i can't use 8.2 in production ;)

I add some informations for people which would need a quick fix : You can extract the "architect.js" file from your built APK (using android studio) and including it with <script> tag in place of the official <script> tag

Hi Johan,

With the latest 'quick fix' details you posted - does this fix the issue on your end for 8.0? If so, thx for posting it and does it work for you as expected?

If the problem persist, can you please let me know the invoice number of your purchase (you can send it to sales [at] wikitude. com and we can check on our end what you'd be entitled to.

Thx and greetings


Hi Nicola,

My quick fix works fine on Android, but not on Ios sadly :/

Ok i will transmit these informations,

Have a nice day.

Hi Johan,

The architect.js is never loaded from the server but is always bundled within the SDK. We intercept the request to the server and return the content that is bundled within the SDK. We just need to have this script tag so that we know when we should inject our architect.js.

Opening the link on a desktop browser will not work/throw errors as there is no such file on the server and the desktop browser would anyhow not be able to do anything with it.

Best regards,

Andreas Schacherbauer

Hi Johan,

we reverted the change on the server and apologize for the inconvenience. We will look deeper into the root cause of this, as we didn't notice any issues during testing - maybe related to SDK version, OS version or combination of that.

Again deeply sorry.

Kind regards


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