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SDK 8.1 & 8.2 : Weird image input on the OnePlus One

Hi Wikitude,

Since the SDK 8.1 we feel that some things have changed with the camera input on Android.

In particular we have this problem on a OnePlus One (running Android 6.0.1), the image is deformed.

First this is the sample app with SDK 8.0 :


And with the SDK 8.2 (it is the same with SDK 8.1) :


Also it is interesting to see that the deformation vary depending on the camera orientation, as shown on this video capture :

This deformation prevents any targets to be recognized on this phone.

Please feel free to ask any questions about this problem.

Hope you can fix it soon,


We tried that device in the Samsung provided test center, however it has limitations, so that we can read camera data properly. We have secured a O+1 already - will be in the house soonish, so I'm confident, that we have a more valueable answer what is causing this issue soon.



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The wikitude team emailed me with an answer :

- they have a fix ready for the next sdk release

- the simple workaround was to set "camera2_enabled" parameter to false in the startupConfiguration.

@wikitude : 

- why don't you share your answer directly on the forum so everybody could benefit from it ?

- and why don't you tell us from the beginning (2 month ago...) about this camera2_enabled parameter ?!


As we get a huge amount of support tickets and forum requests and those 2 in this case haven't been linked, the status in this forum post was not updated as it should have been and we only answered your support ticket. We're sorry about that and of course want the users here also to benefit from details.

The second question is simply because we didn't suspect this setting to create the mentioned problem on the mentioned specific devices. 

Thx Amaury for adding the details so the others can also check if the mentioned workaround is helping.

Thx and greetings


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