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Ionic markerless AR insufficient documentation and example



The documentation is for cordova with javascript and ionic 2/3 are on typescript. Even no proper blog or article shows the implementation of the same . Marker based is available but markerless is not. Its urgent as it would decide our purchase with wikitude.

Thank you


Hi Alan,

Can you please elaborate a bit further? What is your use case and which platform do you want to use?




Our client has already developed the application on ionic 2. I tried with existing example given in documentation but was in typescript and no guideline for markerless AR.

Our client wants to see how AC would look on walls in AR without marker.

Our concern is the documentation with cordova and ionic. We want some example with markerless ar that we can follow on ionic platform. Use case is veery simple but no example available for ionic and typescript or javascript with markerless ar.

Good morning,

the Wikitude Ionic starter app is not an official product of Wikitude; it was created and is maintained by a third party. If you experience any issues with it or with its documentation you will need to contact the maintainer.

Having said that, the instant tracking documentation for the official Cordova plugin might be of some help. It can be found here.

- Daniel

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