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Radar Panel Settings

We're having a problem where the Radar Settings become unresponsive upon opening the side panel - this probably happens about fifty percent of the time.  I'm having a very difficult time figuring out the source of the problem.  I'm hoping you might have some suggestions?

Things I've done:

I'm using the AR.platform.sendJSONObject to send console data back to the consuming Xamarin application for debugging.  I can see updates from the .change function like so: 

('#panel-distance-range').change(function() {

This works great when the panel is responsive.  I added a global error catch in hopes that something might show up, like so: 

window.onerror = function(msg, url, line) {
    alert('GOT AN ERROR: ' + msg);

I do NOT see any errors triggered when the panel goes unresponsive (though I do know that the function works as I've seen it catch other errors).

At a bit of a loss on what to try next.

Thanks for the help

Hi Jonathan,

Please tell me which SDK version you are testing with and if you are testing with iOS or with Android.



iOS, SDK 7.2.1

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