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SnapToScreen is not working


I am trying to use the snapToscreen on ImageTrackable to snap a video in Xamarin Android. It fails to display and gives the following error.


My application does multiple image recognition. After the targets are recognized, the click option on one of the drawable takes to the video drawable to be played and snapped on the screen. 

It works fine if I remove the snaptoscreen property of the ImageTrackable.

Any help would be appreciated.



As you can read in the error message, snap to screen is not available when tracking multiple targets.

You could create a new ImageTracker which only supports one image at a time and a new ImageTrackable which does the snap to screen. 

Please note that adding a new Tracker will disable older Trackers.

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Thanks for the response. In that case, it definitely works.

.destroy() solved my issue i.e. by destroying the previous drawables of the same ImageTracker and ImageTrackable and. 

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