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Wikitude 3D encoder crashes

I am trying to convert a .dae and a .fbx file, but it crashes. I used several operating systems (WIndows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Home, Windows XP) either 32 bit or 64 bit. I attach you the screenshot of the message and the two original files that i tried to convert.


Hello Niko,

As mentioned in our documentation, we recommend using FBX wherever possible as tools support for FBX is widely available. Furthermore Collada allows to include customized attributes that might not be understood by the Wikitude 3D Encoder.

If you are using sketchup try to import the dae file into blender, export it from blender again and load it into the Wikitude 3D Encoder. That might work - depends on the exported file. Every Collada exporter works different and a lot of them export custom information to the dae file which makes it difficult to support each tool.



Eva thanks for your reply.
So, if i understand correctly, the .DAE filetype, even converted to .FBX, may cause problems tο wikitude 3D encoder?That's the reason that crashes the encoder?
If i create the 3d objects to 3D Studio Max and save it to FBX, i won't face that problem?
Thanks in advance for your reply.

With regards,

Hi Niko,

That is correct. If you create your 3D model and save is as a .fbx file then you should be able to import it into our Wikitude 3D Encoder without any issues. However, if you still have issues then please report them here.




I am trying to import the attached file into the new encoder and it crashes. The new version of encoder, that I downloaded yesterday is not even getting installed in windows 8 ,8.1 or OSx 10.12.6.
Please provide links for downloading earlier versions of encoder, and please do check the 3D file, why I can't install it in windows 8 and OSx 10.12.6.

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Hello Ashif,

The previous version of the 3D encoder will most likely generate a .wt3 model that will not be compatible with our recent SDK and will create even more issues. This is why I strongly advice against it. Did you follow the instructions specified here?

If you still have problems setting up the Wikitude 3D Encoder then please specify these issues.




Please try to understand the issue first. I specifically provided the issue that I am unable to install wikitude 3D encoder in windows 8/8.1. Neither is my macbook running on  OSx 10.12.6. permitting me to install. However, I installed encoder in the windows 10, but when I try to import the above FBX model, it crashes. I have sent the FBX along with it. Please debug and provide solution. 

Good morning,

the FBX file you sent is an empty file.

- Daniel

Hi, I am having this same issue running on Windows 10 with the same issues Ashif Shereef described with the attached file. If someone can evaluate this and reply shortly, that would be much appreciated.

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