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How to pass parameters from Titanium to AR World?


I am currently trying to develop an AR app using Appcelerator Titanium with Wikitude. I had tried the Wikitude samples program.

Now, I would to pass some parameters (e.g orientation angle, scale etc) from Titanium to Wikitude AR World, but I do not know how to do. I had read thru fews posts related but still can not figure out to do.


1. Is the above achievable using CallJavascript?

2. Do you have a simple Titanium and Wikitude sample code to achieve this.

Thank you in advance!


Yes, 'callJavaScript' is enough. The "From Application Model" Geo sample does exactly that so you could have a look here. For the Titanium sample app the relevant code snippets are in 'Resources/ui/windows/LocationUpdater.js' and 'Resources/<iphone or android>/09_ObtainPoiData_1_FromApplicationModel/js/fromapplicationmodel.js'.


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Thank you so much! I had figured out how to use 'callJavascript' after looking at the code snippets suggested by you.

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