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Instant Tracking Not working with Child ViewControllers in Xamarin IOS

Hi there,  I have come across a really strange error. In our app where the wikitude Architect View can be called from the can be called from either the tabbarcontroller or can also be called from a list of different experiences that the user can launch and in this instance it is called in a seperate viewcontroller. The issue I have is the the exact same AR Experience works when called from the Viewcontrolller launched from the Uitabbarcontroller but not a viewcontroller launched from another viewcontroller. The only experience types that it seems to effect are InstantTracking. It also works in Xaamrin Android but not Xamarin IOS (my test device is an iphone 7 with OS 10.3.2)

In the second situation the experience (which is the sample experience for instant Tracking supplied by Wikitude just hangs after I hit the play button. In the first situation it works perfectly all the time.

To highlight the issue I have attached a sample app which is basically a small extension of your sample Xamarin IOS app whereby when you click on the info button it brings you to the info screen as normal but here you have an extra button on top left which launched a new viewcontroller (called WikiChildViewController) that runs the exact same experience that is run in the initial viewcontroller (WikitudeSDKExampleViewController)  but in one situation the experience works correctly in the other it does not.

Maybe I have made some very simple error but I cannot seem to see any difference between the two viewcontrollers that should cause one to work and one not to. 

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Hi Frank,

Thx for the detailed error description and the demo project. 

I will try to have a look at it this week.

Without investigating further, the only item you could check are logs from the Wikitude SDK and that the 'start' method is called in both cases.

Best regards,


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