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removing the nav bar in the camera view (architectWindow.arview)

Hi there,

is there a way to remove the nav bar (title) from the camera view.

I put the navBarHidden: true, but it doesn't work. 

Thank you.

Hello Olivier,

Based on the Titanium documentation


navBarHidden : Boolean
Hides the navigation bar (true) or shows the navigation bar (false).


 which is exactly what you are doing and it should work. So I think that this is a Titanium issue and you should reach out to the forum there.



Hello Eva,

thx but all other windows accept this option except the architect window which certainly depends on the theme used in the com.wikitude.ti module. Or i'm wrong?

Hi Olivier,

you are right that navBarHidden does not work as expected.

The module does not define a title bar so this should be an issue of the sample app and not the module.

To fix this remove the backgroundColor parameter for createWindow.

Best Regards,


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