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Wikitude Xamarin 5.1.1 Linker Error

Wikitude Xamarin 5.1.1 Linker Error

Hello There,

I have updated my Wikitude Xamarin SDK to 5.1.1 from 5.0.0 But now, there is compilation error indicating 3 Linker Errors. They are as follows.

MTOUCH: error MT5209: Native linking error: undef: __ZN8gameplay8Platform5sleepEl

MTOUCH: error MT5210: Native linking failed, undefined symbol: gameplay::Platform::sleep(long). Please verify that all the necessary frameworks have been referenced and native libraries are properly linked in.

MTOUCH: error MT5202: Native linking failed. Please review the build log.


undef: __ZN8gameplay8Platform5sleepEl

Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:

 "gameplay::Platform::sleep(long)", referenced from:

     gameplay::ScreenDisplayer::~ScreenDisplayer() in libWikitudeSDK.a(libgameplay.a-arm64-master.o)

ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64

clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)


This wasn't the case for 5.0.0.  I am not using Emulator. I am using my iPhone with iOS 9.2.1

Please post the solution for this error... or atlease release Latest Wikitude 5.1.3 version for Xamarin. 

My App is not showing any POI's when i pass Latitude, Longitude, Altitude & Accuracy via Javascript call .... But when I use 0 at all the places, It shows 20 sample points. I feel that the error can be solved by latest Wikitude Xamarin Version.  Waiting for the Reply.

Hi Pratik,
We had some issues with our Xamarin license but this is now all resolved and we will release an updated Xamarin component in the near future.

Best regards

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