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show POIs and details phonegap Android

show POIs and details phonegap Android


  I want to show POIs and on click more details about the selected POI using phone android wikitude plugin. I went through the Hello World example but was not able to understand it completely as each and every step of it is not explained properly. I also went through  but still not sure from where and how should i call this code snipplets. Is there any other working Augmented reality example showing pois and their details other than Hello World?

    Also can can i show POIs from my link/webservice?




Hi Sagar,

PhoneGap Plugin's current HelloWorld Sample is in fact very basic.
I recommend you to have a quick look at the Android SDK Samples to understand the overall concept of urlListeners and callJavascript.
You can then have a look at the WikitudePlugin.js to implement the same functionality in PhoneGap.

Kind reagards,
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