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Phonegap jquerymobile wikitude and coming back to main app view

Phonegap jquerymobile wikitude and coming back to main app view


Just started to use wikitude-phonegap plugin. After some harsh times I could be able to run hello world application. Then I tryed to embed the hello world to test on companies project application. It is working well (sometimes), however when I push the back button rest of the application gets broken.It is like z-indexes, all the event listeners etc dissapears and application stops working.

The main structure is there is an html that includes map, jquery mobile menus etc. There is a button that fires loadAR() function like in the HelloWorl example:


                function loadAR(){

                // when user presses back-button -> execute default function -> close AR-view

                document.removeEventListener("backbutton", WikitudePlugin.onBackButton, false);

                document.addEventListener("backbutton", WikitudePlugin.onBackButton, false);




Either opening or closing wikitude plugin I get tons of errors in my logcat (testing on android s4 i9500):




07-29 16:33:40.686: E/libcsc(2472): csc_deinit:: unsupported csc_hw_type

07-29 16:33:40.686: E/libcsc(2472): csc_deinit:: unsupported csc_hw_type

07-29 16:33:40.686: E/libcsc(2472): csc_deinit:: unsupported csc_hw_type

07-29 16:33:41.141: E/SensorManager(20271): thread start

07-29 16:33:41.146: E/Sensors(2915): AkmSensor : handle 1, en : 1 

07-29 16:33:41.146: E/Sensors(2915): MagSensor old sensor_state 129, new sensor_state : 133 en : 1

07-29 16:33:41.256: E/SecCameraCoreManager(2472): initialize1

07-29 16:33:41.256: E/ExynosCameraHWInterface(2472): DEBUG(int android::HAL_camera_device_open(const hw_module_t*, char const*, hw_device_t**)):open camera 0

07-29 16:33:41.261: E/SecCameraCoreManager(2472): initialize2

07-29 16:33:41.281: E/libEGL(20271): called unimplemented OpenGL ES API

07-29 16:33:41.281: E/libEGL(20271): called unimplemented OpenGL ES API

07-29 16:33:42.146: E/Web Console(20271): Uncaught ReferenceError: AR is not defined:1

07-29 16:33:47.256: E/IMGSRV(20271): :0: GetPTLAFormat: Invalid format

07-29 16:34:42.271: E/Sensors(2915): AkmSensor : handle 1, en : 0 

07-29 16:34:42.271: E/Sensors(2915): MagSensor old sensor_state 133, new sensor_state : 129 en : 0

07-29 16:34:42.326: E/libEGL(20271): call to OpenGL ES API with no current context (logged once per thread)

07-29 16:34:42.881: E/libcsc(2472): csc_deinit:: unsupported csc_hw_type

07-29 16:34:42.881: E/libcsc(2472): csc_deinit:: unsupported csc_hw_type

07-29 16:34:43.061: E/IMGSRV(20271): :0: GetPTLAFormat: Invalid format


Especially I want to ask what is the meaning of " :0: GetPTLAFormat: Invalid format" and "called unimplemented OpenGL ES API"? There is so little information about these errors on the internet. 


Secondly I want to ask how to properly open and close AR views? There is no document that explains how to open and close ar views properly, the only source I can find is the "Hello world" examples in github,some more examples in website and these examples sometimes give "Uncaught ReferenceError: AR is not defined:1" sometimes works good in same project codes or creates some other errors. Mostly in javascript it happens because of some js gets loaded unintentionally before other js files.


Thirdly, in HelloWorld example, what is the meaning of HelloWorld.html in helloworld simple example? It seems in your example that page is not getting loaded.


My last question is, is wikitude-phonegap plugin on beta phase or something like that? If yes it would be very nice if you could state that in your website because the people who are searching for good api are considering wikitude-phonegap as well to use and most of the time none of us have enough time to wait fixes etc. 


Thank you for the answers,






Could you please describe your issue more in detail.
As soon as the two sample apps are working properly in your environment, other issues appear to be "embedding-issues" in your companies project.
Wikitude SDK's view lies on top of the phoneGap context/view. The back-button is handled inside Wikitude Plugin's onBackbutton and can be customized there if you want to customize the backbutton while AR-view is opened.

Kind regards,

PS.: We will soon update plugin to PhoneGap 3.0 which may then ease the set-up process.



Sorry for duplicate post however for more detail I already created a topic with testcase, attached project and log text


I basically added the wikitude sample hello world to the project and in phonegap's index html there is only 1 google maps embedded and 1 AR button. If you can compile and run the project you will see ,in wikitude plugin view, after touching back button, all the event listeners, buttons etc. will be gone. I checked wikitude-phonegap plugin's javascript file and there is one place where you delete all the cache (I guess). That can be the problem. I fail to see what else could be the problem while returning back to index html (phonegap's main view). 

Hi there,

Please have a look at the provided samples in the phonegap plugin git, here you find the very basic use-cases.
Please start with AR view and add google-maps feature afterwards when debugging.

As we need to plan our resources very carefully and all development resources are booked with ongoing tasks, we currently can't analyze your code in depth without you having a licensed product.

Kind regards,


I understand the licensed product explanation however it will be bought anyways since it was already decided 2 months ago. Plus you can be sure that noone will use phonegap-wikitude plugin with "wikitude" mark visible in the shipped product and I am not using wikitude as hobby... But what will I do with the product that I am not able to use I wonder...

However, instead of writing me the things that I've already done, if you could only import and run the project I provided (you don't have to do anything else just simply run the project), you will understand what I meant without analyze any codes. Basically the project is simple ar view + google maps like you said. Nothing else. You touch "ar" button, camera gets opened, then you touch "back" button and tadaaa "08-22 13:49:51.016: E/libEGL(7499): call to OpenGL ES API with no current context (logged once per thread)". I don't know how to explain it in simpler way. I already read all the documentation of wikitude-phonegap plugin, digged all the sample codes etc. Believe me 1 month is pretty much enough to read your materials and try 1000 different approaches.... geez..

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