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drawable HTML update rate

drawable HTML update rate


I need to update my drawable HTML pages and would like to use the update rate funtionality. I changed this to LOW since that is perfect for me. After making these changes nothing happens but i get webview_proxy warnings.


Error warning:

java.lang.Throwable: Warning: A WebView method was called on thread 'Thread-4437'. All WebView methods must be called on the UI thread. Future versions of WebView may not support use on other threads.


Any idea what is causing this?


Greetings Tim


Hi Timmy,

HTML drawables have some known issue in current implementation.

Please only use update rate STATIC

SDK 2.0 may have issues on Android 4.1 devices

Stay tuned for SDK updates, we are working on improvements.

Kind regards,

Thank you for the information Andreas.


Greetins Tim
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