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HelloWorld with custom World not showing any POI

HelloWorld with custom World not showing any POI

Hello community,

I have recently created a new World, based on a KML file I had. The URL for the ARLink is .The world is publicly available and I can see the POI when using the Wikitude application (WeGreen POI is the name of the World).

I am currently trying to consume that World from the HelloWorld sample application provided with the iOS version of the PhoneGap Wikitude plugin.

From my understanding, the WikitudePlugin.loadARchitectWorld() function call receives a string containing a world location as a parameter, which could be a relative filepath or an URL. Initially it contained "assets/world/HelloWorld.html", which points it to the default world. I am trying to make it consume my specific world by passing the string "" instead. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work.

Is that the correct use of that function?


-- Alessandro

Hi Alessandro,

Generating an AR link as you did and then using it as POI delivery source is not working in our SDK. Please have a look at the SimpleARBrowser sample for further reference on the best way to retrieve your POIs.




Are you planning to include this functionality (read KML) into the SDK soon?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

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