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ARchitect Phonegap app sample ?

ARchitect Phonegap app sample ?


Impossible to find sample anywhere,

Can somebody post a basic app example of how to display an ARML/KML file with/within Phonegap ?

Wouldn't it supposed to be the most standard demo ?

Please exlain ?


Hi Francois!

The ARML 1.0 definition you're pointing at is meant for static POI definition whereat latest ARML 2.0 is similar to Wikitude's interactive AR technology and also contains interactive elements/definnitions.

At this point in time ARML 1.0 is a way to publish your POI data in e.g. Wikitude but when you want to create your own AR experience as in a phoneGap or native SDK project you should use JSON as data-format so you can easily request data from your server or local file-system.
We are working on some more show-cases and ARML 2.0 support, but currently only have the samples within the phoneGap project whic showcase the overall concept. For more advanced features have a look at our SDK reference and Tutorials.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,

Hi Andreas,

Thanks to your explanation, I successfully dive into tutarials, great thanks !


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