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ARchitect-World works on Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 but not on ZTE-SKATE

ARchitect-World works on Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 but not on ZTE-SKATE

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Hello there,

we are developing a phonegap app with wikitude plugin.
Our test architect world works fine on iPhone, iPad and also on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (Android).

But when we start the ARchitect-World on ZTE-SKATE (with Android: 2.3.5) the "onError" function of AR.Tracker (where the tracking-image gets initialized in the ARchitect-World) is triggered.

Our question: How can we find out why the onError-functions gets triggered on that specific device?
Of course we have set up our app to check if the device is capable of running the Wikitude-Plugin:

WikitudePlugin.isDeviceSupported(app.onDeviceIsReadyCallback, app.onDeviceIsUnsupportedCallback);

But also on the ZTE-SKATE phone, the onDeviceIsUnsupportedCallback is not called.

Thanks for any help

best regards, Alex




Hi Christian,

Quite strange behavior you're describing...
I guess you are using the very latest Wikitude PhoneGap sources, right? Also ensure to download latest Vuforia SDK.
Also make sure you set-up armeabi-libraries properly so you support also older chipsets/devices (see attached pic).
Do you have same issue when running sample IR (extended) / Geo (basic) Samples provided for Android?


Hi Andreas,

thanks for your answer.
Yes we are using the latest wikitude PhoneGap Sources and Vuforia SDK.

To be precise:

- cordova-2.3.0
- Vuforia AR SDK v2.0.30
- Wikitude SDK 1.2
- Phonegap Extension 1.1.0

We've missed the armeabi-v7a folder - I have now added it to the project but it still does not work on ZTE-SKATE


I have now tested the basic and extended example:

- The basic example works fine on both devices (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and ZTE-SKATE)

- The extended example does not work on both devices, on ZTE-SKATE the message "Unable to load image or tracker!" is shown, on Samsung galaxy tab 2 the "Loading ..." message never disappear.


Hi once again, 

Could you please try to delete the while armeabi-v7a directory and try if it works that way (so and are solely in the libs/armeabi directory)

Hope that helps.

If not please let me know


I did what you have suggested, but it didn't help.

But I think now I know what causes the error, when the Tracking-File (=ZIP-File) is being loaded in ZTE SKATE DEVICE, it throws an error on info level in Eclipse->Logcat:

02-07 16:43:13.490: I/ArchitectWebView(19248): start loading tracker with url:
02-07 16:43:13.590: W/System.err(19248): /mnt/sdcard/ (Permission denied)

(please notice that I have changed domain name to on my own)

Is it possible that the Wikitude SDK downloads the to local storage?
The problem is that there is no SD-Card in the ZTE SKATE - so the wikitude sdk will never be able to write to /mnt/sdcard/.

Of course I have added:
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />
to android manifest file.

The same code still works in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.


best regards, Alex

Thanks a lot for the finding.

Could you please insert and sd-card for further development.
We'll store trackables in app-cache in next update.

Kind regards,

Hi Andreas,

you're welcome.

best regards, Alex
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