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Update from Wikitude on progress

Update from Wikitude on progress

Dear developers,

we are very excited that so many of you have requested access to the closed beta of the Titanium module. We absolutely didn't expect such a high interest in the Titanium environment. Although we have been fairly silent in answering your forums post we very much appreciate your feedback and it helped us to identify some of the issue.

If you have problems building the module make sure to have read the post by Andreas Hauser on the Java Build Path, which need to be manually adapted.

At the moment we are working on an issue where files from the Android assets folder are not accessible (actually empty) - this affects only Android. We are in contact with Appcelerator and need their input to move ahead.

on iOS we are looking into a lifecycle issue when pausing and resuming the AR view

When releasing the first beta version of the module we were very confident, that we have a stable version of the module available by mid of February, which we know we won't be able to make. Depending on the progress with the above mentioned issues we are targeting early March for general availability. 

Hi Philipp,

There was a missing .so file from the Android folder.

In the "libs' folder there are 2 folders named armeabi and armeabi-v7a that have a placeholder text file in it. When you open the text file it lists the .so files that should be in the folder. One of those .so files is named

That looks like a .so file that is propritary to IPSoft and is not included in the package.


Thanks We'll wait a little more. :)
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