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N-th ImageDrawable not displayed

I have to add 9 imageDrawables (PNGs with transparency) to my trackable to show them one after another. The problem is, that depending on the size of the images the last few are not loaded (no onLoaded event) displayed anymore. Even if I remove (removeCamDrawable) and destroy every imageDrawable after it was shown and before I load the next one. It seems to me that some Image Buffer gets full after some images and is not emptied when the imageDrawable is destroyed. It's exactly the same behaviour in iOS and Android. I tested SDK 5.3.0 and the Preview of 5.3.1

Is there a solution for this problem?

 I'm using the (iOS and Android) Javascript SDK


Can you please send your complete AR experience as zip file (incl. HTML, js, css files, and all assets incl. the target images needed).




I've sent it to


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