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In Wikitude example, you're using slider to change the distance to show limited amount of POI. Is there a way how to use slider to show specific number of POIs.

For example if my slider says 24, then there will be 24 POIs in my view, etc.

Hi Lukas,

I am not sure I understand exactly your request. The slide will show how many POIs are loaded in your scene by default behaviour. If you want to restrict the number of POIs that are shown in the slider and on the scene then you can apply the functionality Limiting Visible POIs. Further information can be found here.



Hi Eva,

thank you for your answer.

Limiting Visible POIs is using distance. I don't want to use distance. For example, I have 20 POIs loaded.

When I move my slider to  value 11, I want to display  only 11 POIs. Then after that, I move slider to value 17, then I want to show 17 POIs. Doesn't matter how far are they.

Is that possible?

Hello Lukas,

 Have a look at the documentation of an AR.GeoObject

Setting yourGeoObject.enabled to false no longer renders it in the scene and therefore will make the POIs disappear.
You may set it to true to let it reappear.

Therefore simply run thorugh all of the marker you like to hide and set their enabled attribute to false.

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