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Question about wikitude studio

Hi,I am learning wikitude SDK and wikitude studio, and I have some question:


I want to put a 3D-modle on the target. I found wikitude studio need special format (.wt3). I use Wikitude 3D Encoder to transform .fbx but it always give me some warning messages. How do I solve this problem?

 When I complete an AR project on Wikitude studio, it need to pay for publish this project? If someone uses the same target, will I match to the error project when I use wikitude APP?


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Hello Denny,

As a first step I would suggest that you follow the instructions here for 3D encoder and here for working with 3D models and Studio. If you are still experiencing issues then could you click on one of the messages you receive and provide us with further information regarding the cause of the issue?

If you want to export your project and Upload it to the Wikitude App for publishing you will need an active subscription. In order to see all the export options we offer I suggest you go to our documentation section here.



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