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Cordova loadARchitectWorld skipped on iOS 15


I'm currently in the process of testing my app on an iOS device but was wandering why the method loadARchitectWorld isn't fired, so I checked the release notes and found that the last supported version is for iOS 14.

Additionally, this app is also on Android but in that enviroment everything works fine so I was thinking the problem is my iOS version.

The spec for the project are the following:

- SDK 9.10.0 for Cordova

- Cordova version 11.0.0

- Device is an iPhone 11 with iOS 15.2.1


There hasn't been a new release of our SDK in the last few months, but our current Cordova plugin should run properly on iOS 15.

Please have a look at our Cordova sample app on Github. I was able to generate and run the Xcode project on a device running iOS 15.3.1, loadARchitectWorld is being called as expected.

- Damian


I tried with the sample app and didn't have any problem.

The problem could be that my app is with Ionic and not Cordova native? If the issue is that so why would the Android version run correctly unlike the iOS version?


That may be the case. This plugin is intended to be used in a default Cordova setup, it may not work properly in any other environment.

In our website, we link to this Ionic plugin maintained by third-party volunteers. However, we do not provide official support for Ionic at this moment.

- Damian

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