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Wikitude & Moverio BT350

Hi. I have been battling with this now about  a  month and have got no further! I have a Wikitude Object Tracked scene that opens a 3d model when a building ( in my case a shed ) is recognized. It works to a certain degree on my mobile device. There is an issue with my .WTO file where the pointcloud imported from images has rotated? 

Anyway my bigger issue is that I want to move that app to my BT350 headset. I have downloaded the Moverio sample from the Unity Store. The one with the Labyrinth. But.. I do not know how or what to or where to put the Moverio prefabs or scripts to make it package for Moverio and open in Moverio. I tried several things but it either does not load or gives me a parser error! ALLLLL I want is to get it to load in the headset. There is little to no information on the net about this so I am coming back to you since the base of my App is Wikitude.   

I have attached a couple of screenshots from Unity in the hope that someone can point out to me what I should be doing or where & what from the Moverio package I should use. I put a few scripts into the Wikitude scene inside the controller ( not sure if this is right ) to try make it work. ANYONE? PLEASE? HELPPPP!!!!!!! 

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(89.3 KB)

Calm down buddy. Been struggling for a whole month, it's so hard....Hopefully Wikitude Technical Support will help you with this problem.

Drift F1

11 months ago I was struggling... They were 0 help and also.. I aint your buddy guy! hahah

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