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Custom Indoor Location

I am using Visual Studio for Mac and Xamarin.Wikitude.SDK.JS 9.7.0 to develop an AR application for iOS devices.

At present, we already have indoor positioning technology, which can return the latitude and longitude position by calling API, so we are thinking that as long as the above position is transferred to WGS84 as mobile phone positioning, it can be consistent with the AR object of GeoLocation Class in indoor environments.

But the current problem is that we are not sure whether we can modify the default GPS positioning of the device to the custom coordinates?

If so, which function should be called?

I've already found 'setUseInjectedLocation' and 'injectLocationWithLatitude', but I'm new to Xamarin and Wikitude, I can't figure out how to use them in Xamarin...

And I've also found a discussion that similar to our question (, but I'm not sure whether this also can work in Xamarin.

Thank you










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