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Xamarin.Wikitude.SDK.JS version 9.0 not available?

Hi, I cannot run latest sample for Xamarin. 
Xamarin.Wikitude.SDK.JS nuget package version 9.0 is not available on nuget package manager? So it cannot be restored and sample app cannot build.

When I install SDK version 8.10 which is latest version available, I can run Android app but iOS app has errors when building:

'WTFeatures' does not contain a definition for 'WTFeature_Geo' 

which is probably part of version 9.0 that is unavailable. 

 Hello Tomislav,

You can just download it from the download section, I don't know exactly why they did not release it in the nuget repository yet. Maybe there are some subtleties (as it seems to be more than just a version increment). Here you are :


Thanks, I see that it is just now added to NuGet repository, so I've successfully referenced it now from NuGet :).

Can you tell me please, are there any plans to provide official support and sample for Xamarin.Forms?

Yes, there is an official repository with everything you need to get started :

Documentation is a bit confusing sometime, but that's a trade-off for having so many platforms supported I guess.

Have fun,


We updated our NuGet Repository with the latest SDK version yesterday. We're sorry for the delay with the update, but now everything is up-2-date.

Thx and greetings



can you update your NuGet repository with SDK 9.5 version? :) 

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