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iPhone X / XS Max

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When will the Xamarin SDK be

updated for the issue?

We need to distribute the app soon.

Hi Seokchan,

May I kindly ask you to follow the forum post you posted above? Once we have our next SDK release we will update that forum post so that all users will know.



hi eva.

Will I know when the SDK of the answer in this

post will be updated?


Hi Vincenzo,

The settings I mentioned require WebKit to work. Our `WTArchitectView` does not use WebKit by default, and while we have a `shouldUseWebKit` flag in the APIs of our other extensions, unfortunately this is missing in the Xamarin API right now.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on this, and aim to add this WebKit setting to our Xamarin API in the next SDK release.

In the meantime, I would suggest that you use a navigation controller as you mentioned before, because the top Safe Area inset/notch is already handled natively by the navigation bar. Once we add this WebKit option to the Xamarin API, you will be able to enable it and the HTML/CSS lines I mentioned in the previous message should work for you. You could then get rid of the navigation controller if you wish.

Thank you.

- Damian

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