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Error while loading the video.

Hello guys.

I'm having a problem at samsung devices (j5, j6, j7, j8, ...), just at this devices.

When I load a specific video (transparent), I'm recieving this error:
"Error while loading the video. (Media player - unknown error Videofile not supported)"
In anothers devices, Android or iOS, the error dont ocour.

Good morning Mattheus,

for loading and displaying videos we utilise the capabilities of the Android operating system. It seems to me the Android version on these devices does not seem to support whatever videos you are using as an input. Unfortunately, I don't think that's something we can change.

Would it be possible to have your video file so I can confirm my assessment?

- Daniel

Hello Daniel. Do you have an email address where I can send you the video

This video works in anothers devices, and another transparent video works at the samsung devices.

I realy dont know what is happen.

Thanks a lot.

Good morning,

the forum allows adding attachments to posts up to 20MiB in size. Will this be sufficient? Or is this an issue of keeping the video private? If so, you may send an e-mail to and ask for it to be forwarded to Daniel.

- Daniel

Hi Mattheus,

I just had a chat about your issue with our Android developer who happened to be on site today. I'm afraid we do not have any of the Samsung J series devices available for testing, making it very hard to address this issue. Are there any other devices you had this issue on?

There's one thing I would like you to try, which is reduce the video dimensions, let's say by half, and try again. On the iOS platform there's a size restriction which I think your video would fail. Maybe The Samsung J series device have a similar limitation in place. 

Also, would you mind trying a different encoding, other than H.264, just to see whether that makes a difference at all?

- Daniel

Hello Daniel,

Another's devices of Samsung have the same problem, at M series occurs the same in some devices.

Which different encoding i can try?

In iOS i dont have any problem.

We have tested in more than 120 devices at the last month, this happen just with samsung.


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