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Controlling OS Status Bar

I was wondering was it possible to control the status bar?

The reason I ask is while it looks fine on most phones, on an iPhone X, XS or XR seeing the camera above the title is a bit weird. See the attached picture of an iPhone X and iPhone 7 for a better idea of what I mean.

(1.77 MB)
(1.68 MB)


Would it be possible to get an update on this? I would agree with the above if this wasn't a cordova issue, i.e. to change the behaviour I would have to fork the wikitude cordova plugin.



Hi Daniel,

I'm not quite sure I follow. Are you implying I should be forking the Wikitude Cordova plugin to change the webview Wikitude launches? Or am I missing a javascript interface for it somewhere?



Hi David,

yes, it's possible to control the position of the status bar. We've simply chosen to address the iPhoneX's notch in our sample app by moving the status bar down a bit. You can change this behaviour if it better suits your needs. This is, however, not a Wikitude SDK issue, but an iOS app development issue.

- Daniel

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