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Google Analytics set up

Should my GA property be defined as a website or mobile app? I've tried it both ways but I'm not seeing my Cordova based app reporting into GA. 

Hi Andreas, I'm still experiencing problems with GA in general. I can't seem to get analytics to work in my application despite things working fine with my project in the Wilitude app. Do you have any additional thoughts in debugging the issue for the items I mentioned above? Logan

Hi there!

Please try hosting the project on your own server (http/s-protocol) and add some debug information around the GA calls in the tools.js section. Maybe the GA calls were called but caused an issue due to wrong hosting set up. Also, check whether running the same experience as a bundled application within your app works (file-protocol).



So I should go into my project and go to Project > Download offline project and host it on my servers? I notice additional options under the Project menu for publishing to Wikitude app and Hosting but it tells me it requires an SDK subscription but I believe this was part of my subscription. Could you confirm these additional features require a different license?

After moving it to my server and attempting to debug on the remote device produces the following without displaying traffic in GA.

tools.js:100 Project - File loaded.


tools.js:100 Tracker is active

tools.js:100 Tracker - loaded.

tools.js:100 CLOUDTRACKER (scan #1) - NEGATIVE

tools.js:100 CLOUDTRACKER (scan #2) - NEGATIVE

tools.js:100 CLOUDTRACKER (scan #3) - NEGATIVE

tools.js:100 CLOUDTRACKER (scan #4) - NEGATIVE

tools.js:100 CLOUDTRACKER (scan #5) - NEGATIVE

tools.js:100 CLOUDTRACKER (scan #6 - POSITIVE FeatureAuthor-Johnson

tools.js:100 TARGET recognized FeatureAuthor-Johnson

tools.js:100 Tracker - stopped (cloud)

tools.js:100 Augmentation JSON - Loading starts

tools.js:100 Augmentation JSON - Loaded

tools.js:100 Augmentations - loaded overall 100

tools.js:100 Augmentations - Successfully created

tools.js:100 TARGET lost FeatureAuthor-Johnson

tools.js:100 Tracker - stopped (cloud)

tools.js:100 TARGET recognized FeatureAuthor-Johnson 

I receive the following error when I try to debug the same project via the Wikitude app.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) 

  <script src=""></script>

It still generates GA traffic. 

Hi Logan Thomison, i'm also trying to implement Google Analytics in my Wikitude experiences but it's not working? Could you share your method please? We ar eon the Cordova version too.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Is the package local? If so, move it to a server with a public URL and see if it starts generating events. 

Yes it does generate pageviews and events, but not when it's loaded from our app...

I just opted to run it from the server. It solved my problem and gave us the ability to update things without publishing the app again. Probably best to just use the cloud directly if it is possible. I haven't come across any documentation that outlines the approach.

We do this also, but we sync the files within the app for offline usage. Makes no difference.

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