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Wikitude Geolocation for Indoor positioning


I want to locate user in office i.e. in which room and floor he is right now. And then want to put a marker on its camera feed to guide him where he want to go inside the office.(means specifying the markers at static positions of different floors and rooms of the office).

So can I implement this use case directly by using Wikitude SDK? 


Implementing this requires another SDK / software / hardware / third party service / App???

*Also, Altitude and Accuracy differs in Android and iOS? Location provider same or different???

Please help me it's urgent. Please...???


GPS location is almost certainly not what you want for this use case, regardless of whether you are using Wikitude's implementation or something else. The accuracy of the GPS is very limited (several meters); especially in terms of altitude.

Also, GPS positioning is very likely to have issues (perform poorly or not at all) when used indoors.

Indoor navigation, to my very limited understanding of the topic, is something that is not trivial to do. I believe there are solutions available, but how well they work and what kind of technology they use under the hood I cannot comment on. That, I'm afraid, you'll have to investigate yourself.

- Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the assistance. OK now can you tell me which or which type of BEACONS are mentioned in this figure below:


I am a bit confused because so many beacon types are there in google search and indoor positioning websites as well. So I would like you to confirm it and mention specific one please?


In this forum post - - we’re providing links to experts on this field (e.g. indoors) - we are not experts in the field of beacons, so best we can't provide any details on which beacon model to use. For our SDK itself it doesn’t matter where the location data is coming from - so you’d need to implement / integrate an indoor position solution and feed the location to our SDK.



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Thank you so much Nicola.

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