Wikitude Xamarin - NuGet

Below some details on our NuGet SDK version

NuGet example app
Does not exist at the moment
The uploaded package only contains an Android .dll (One can not upload multiple .nupkg with the same bundle identifier but different platfomr .dlls) - Customers who downloaded from can only use it in an Android project. iOS developers will get an error that no iOS compatible .dll was found.
Solution for iOS users: You need to download the .nupkg from our download page

Wikitude download page
.nupkg files are available for iOS and Android separately. Developers should be able to add them to their project by following standard NuGet documentation on how to add .nupkg from the local file system

Existing Xamarin Component
The .xam file contains besided the .dll also an example app. Xamarin Components require this example, so the example does not use a .nupkg but the .dll directly. So in case developers want to use the example app, they need to remove the reference to the Wikitude .dll and add a .nupkg themselves (Please read the download page section above!)

What's up next
With SDK 8.0 we will stop our Xamarin Component support. We will create new projects and set them up so that we can upload one .nupkg to that contains both platforms (iOS and Android).