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CaptureScreenWithMode without POI and Radar

I would like to take a picture without my POI and radar.
I currently use CaptureScreenWithName.
Unfortunately, the picture shows the POI and radar.

Please help me.
 var info = new NSDictionary();

 architectView.CaptureScreenWithMode(WTScreenshotCaptureMode._Cam, WTScreenshotSaveMode._Delegate, WTScreenshotSaveOptions.CallDelegateOnSuccess, new NSDictionary(info));


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You need to manually hide the Radar and all of your POIs before taking the screenshot. There is no build in functionality for that. You can get the cam, radar or inidcator drawables from each GeoObject or Trackable2DObject but you need to keep your own list of those created GeoObjects & Trackable2DObjects.

var geoObject = new AR.GeoObject(...);
var geoObjectCamDrawables =;

var trackable = new AR.Trackable2DObject(...);
var trackableCamDrawables =;





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