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Location Based AR in Unity

Hi, It is great that we have every feature in Android and iOS sdk also in Unity. But Location based AR has been lacking in Unity sdk and it will be great to have it in Unity SDK as well.

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Hi there,

We already have this in our feature list but I cannot give you any timelines when exactly we will implement it.



Is location based AR still not available in Unity SDK?

Hello Bayan,

We do not plan to include this feature in the near future.



It would be cool if we can have this features already. So, we don't have to look for other solutions. Besides, it would be great for your business module. Don't you think so?

People been asking for years already. 

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This is the primary feature we are looking for +1

I am also willing to use this feature. It would be mandatory for our project.

Hi all,

We value the feedback from our community and we know how important this feature is for you. This is why we have already included it in our feature list. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a timeline regarding when it will be released yet.



Is location based AR feature available for Native Android or iOS ?
if yes than could you please share the link so that i can take a look.


The geo based AR feature is available in our JS API based SDK versions only - JS API, Cordova, Titanium, Xamarin Plugin. Unity currently doesn't support geo AR, but we have it on our feature list and this is planned to be included soon.



Yes i have already checked the demo of this but i can't see the Depth Effect just like AR Kit for different stores on location based.
Is this possible to implement through Wikitude SDK ?
PFA image for reference.

Please have a look at the topic SDUs:

This should help you with the sizing.



Yes i saw this and already implemented the Scaling concept. But i require Depth Effect just like ARKit provides in iOS. Is that possible to achieve through Wikitude. If yes than let me know as that is very important for me,

Right now i can see that augment nodes but can't see the depth effect. it look likes that each augment marker is on same location just hierachy is different.

If what is possible with the SDK and using the scaling concept is not sufficient and not working for you in regards to depth effect, when using our location based AR feature (please note that we don't provide location based AR features yet in our Unity SDK -we have this on our feature list, but not in the SDK yet), then unfortunately we can't provide any more accurate solution.

Thx and greetings


Okay that means it's not achievable through Wikitude for time being. 
Thanks a lot for clarification and help. 
If i require any further assistance than will let you know.

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