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WIKITUDE SDK WEB Model transparency threshold

Hello and thank you for your great work on WIKITUDE SDK WEB 5.3.0!

While working with the SDK we experienced a strange behaviour with the transparency threshold. A transparency gradient within a texture is cutted off to early for no tangible reason.  

According to the Documentation this should be possible. 


Can you please give me a hint to solve this? 

Thank you in advance

Yes, currently the shader rendering semi-transparent surfaces discards pixels with alpha values smaller than 0.5. 

This is usually expected for rendering fine structured materials, like hair or leafs of a tree with a single texture. 

For modeling a single alpha gradient across a surface you could remove the texture and set the color and alpha value directly on the four vertices of the plane which will then be interpolated. 

Hello, Roland.

Thank you for the answer.

We are trying to cast soft shadows on a ground plane, so your provided solution isn't suitable for us.

Do you have any other suggestions to cast soft shadows?

If the shadow should be cast onto an object of the scene, you can integrate the shadow into the object's texture.

For casting shadows onto the camera frame this is currently only possible by manually editing the wt3. It's not complicated, but it's a hack and has to be done for each newly exported wt3 file. I'm not sure if this is an option for you.

Hi Roland. Can you elaborate on this? I noticed it is 4 years ago but I can't find anything in the forums regarding casting shadows onto camera view. Thanks
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