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Wikitude for Xamarin (Android)

Wikitude for Xamarin (Android)

The sample solutions for Xamarin do not seem to be working for me. Is there a specific set of instructions that I am meant to follow in order to open the ARchitect World on the device I am emulating on? 

When I release a build on the device, a list of options come up like the image on target etc. At the bottom of the screen it has a button to launch using a url but I am unsure where to find this url. All my devices meet the requirements and I have followed the download instructions properly. 

(Sidenote: I am a third year uni student developing this project for a course)


Hi Jeronisha,

What exactly is not working - what is happening when you click on the list items (e.g. image on target) and scan the target? Does this work?

The 'Launch using Url' option is e.g. if you have your AR experience on a server and need to reference the .html from there.



A message pops up at the bottom saying that the Basic Architect Activity is not defined or found for that particular thing (i.e Image on Target etc). Nothing on the app works. 

Hi Jeronisha,

the sample application from GitHub, isn't running with our recent SDK version.

Please download the Wikitude Component from the Xamarin Store, there is a simple example packaged with the component.

Thank you and best regards,
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