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XAMARIN Examples incomplete & crush on GitHub

XAMARIN Examples incomplete & crush on GitHub


Can you please check the requirements for the supported devices on this page and check if all the requirements are fullfilled. Please also provide us with details on your test device (exact model, OS version...)

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I am using Nexus 5(Lollipop) Android 5.1.0, API 21 1080x1920 with Xamarin Android Player.

But I have noticed that when switching the "Target Framework"of both projects to Android 4.4(Kit Kat) and then using Nexus 7(Kit Kat) Android 4.4.2, API 19 800x1280 with Xamarin Android Player the 3rd error I have posted disapears.

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I have been following "WIKITUDE SAMPLE APP - GETTING STARTED QUICKLY" in your section (

and after downloading and opening it in wikitude-xamarin-master>source>samples>android>WikitudeSapleAndroid.sln I have found 3 problems:

1) There are only samples regarding "Point Of Interest (POI)", while I am interested in "Client Recognition". I found them in Assets>Samples but they are not implemeted in charp code to run in the Project.

2) When building Wikitude.Android Project ther are missing 2 files:

   2.1) File not found: C:prj\_XAMARIN AR\Post Prova\wikitude-xamarin-master (5)\wikitude-xamarin-master\source\binding\Android\JARTOXML

   2.2) File not found: C:\prj\_XAMARIN AR\Post Prova\wikitude-xamarin-master (5)\wikitude-xamarin-master\source\binding\Android\BINDINGSGENERATOR

3) Warning CS0618: 'Android.Hardware.Camera' is obsolete: 'This class is obsoleted in this android platform' (CS0618) (Wikitude.Android)

I have attached the immages regarding this issue.



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