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Xamarin Forms and Wikitude

Xamarin Forms and Wikitude

thanks for the example. It works for me.
Now I would like to use ViewRenderer for the ArchitectView and not PageRenderer which is used in the example. I´ve got the same problem like Chernov.a.vl describes. I see the Wikitude start up logo and then the screen is black with TRIAL words shown. I´ve tried to add a button to the index.html and handle click event in js file. That works.

How can I simulate onCreate(), onPostCreate(), onPause(), ... with ViewRenderer´s method OnElementChanged()?


Thanks Markus for helping to jump start on Xamarin.  However, don't find POI samples working.  

Is it because location strategy and ILocationListener is missing? Isn't architectView.setLocation() still required to get this to work?  I find implementing this - however this example is way old (4 years ago - very old Android version).

Wondering whether this a recent version of the POI samples that works for Xamarin.

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