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Xamarin: how to unload, reload or deinit the WTArchitectView?

Xamarin: how to unload, reload or deinit the WTArchitectView?

Hello, I'll be simple,
I've created a simple app, which initializes WTArchitectView.
Then load world using: LoadArchitectWorldFromURL 

And then i wan't to close this controller, but i'm facing the following problems:
1. If i'm just calling architectView removeFromSuperview and setting to null it crashes when i'm trying to init it again. Something wrong with Google tra-la-la init again. No way how to deinit this view again.
2. Ok, i need just to reload the world, how? There's no Reload functions available. 
3. I'm trying to call LoadArchitectWorldFromURL over again, and got crash. So, didn't find any way documented way how to reload the world.

Please, help. I just need to close the controller and open it again.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Alexey,
Maybe this forum thread is helpful for your fist question:

You can do a reload by first loading e.g. about:blank and then the world url again. The next Xamarin update (which is just a few days away) has the -reloadArchitectWorld method which is already available in the Wikitude Architect iOS SDK.


Best regards

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